LEAD with purpose, drive performance, create impact

We help leaders to gain profound self-awareness and facilitate impactful conversations that unlock the full potential of their teams, driving performance and results.

Our Commitment

We work with companies that value their people. We partner with leaders who understand the importance of their teams and are eager to develop a growth mindset and curiosity to learn more. Our goal is to unpack the inner workings of your business and its people, training teams in emotional intelligence and creating a culture of collaboration and success.

We help you

  • Enhance Leadership Communication: Convey ideas and inspire your team.

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence: Build trust and empower your team.

  • Cultivate Adaptive Strategic Thinking: Navigate change and make smart decisions.

  • Maximise Human Potential: Unlock your team's full potential with impactful conversations.

    This is what will Drive Performance, Results and achieve Sustainable Success.


The LEAD Impact Framework

Lead with purpose, drive performance, and create lasting impact with the LEAD Framework.

Hear's what they have said...

"Ali was a fabulous presenter who helped us go from a disjointed cohort with little strategic direction to a safe and collaborative team knowing exactly what our next steps are. She highlighted some of the key areas we had not identified as a risk and provided an environment where we could have the unspoken & challenging conversations. The outcome for the day was a clear strategic vision and plan for next three years."

- Melita, Board Member

"What an extraordinary story, from an exceptional storyteller. I was privileged to be among the first to hear All's life account in person, an authentic and inspirational autobiography of resilience, tenacity and hope."

- Todd Redwood, Deputy Mayor

"My team and had the privilege of working closely with Ali and the team over the past year, and it's been a transformative journey. Ali's one-on-one supervision sessions gave me the insights and tools to become more capable leader. Through our work, I've not only learned how to truly connect with my team, understanding their wants fears and motivators, but also to coach them in their own space. The impact on my team has been profound. Strategies and tools to manage workload, communication, change and navigating challenging conversations have been instrumental in fostering a better workplace culture."

-Jade Vermeer, Acting CEO

You are not alone if you are struggling with...

Communication Challenges

Do you feel like you're saying one thing but your team are hearing something else?

Low Team Morale

We have all had moments when we release our teams are disengaged and lacking motivation.

Resistance to Change

Agghhhh.... every time! Every time you want to make a change someone gets cranky or resists.


Dealing with teams that are not meeting expectations or achieving desired outcomes.

Lack of Leadership Impact

How do I have more influence and impact?

Our Core Services

DISC Profiling Workshops

A powerful tool for teams that enhances self-awareness and understanding of diverse communication styles. It is designed to help mprove collaboration, reduce conflicts, and optimise productivity.

Customised Communication


Develop tailored communication frameworks and feedback mechanisms to improve team dynamics and effectiveness.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Coaching leaders on advanced self-development and people skills, identify leadership pipelines and high performers.


What is Tri Alt Coaching?

Tri-Alt Coaching is a comprehensive leadership development and coaching service. It focuses on enhancing leadership communication, developing emotional intelligence, cultivating adaptive strategic thinking, and maximising human potential within teams. Our approach helps leaders gain profound self-awareness and facilitate impactful conversations that drive performance and results..

What's makes Tri Alt different?

Tri-Alt Coaching stands out with our unique LEAD framework: Leadership Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Agility, and Dynamic Team Building.

These pillars enhance communication, build the team trust bank, cultivate strategic thinking, and maximise team potential through personalised coaching. With expertise from sports, therapy, facilitation, and business, our wholistic approach ensures tailored sessions that drive immediate performance and long-term organisational success.

What if I need more than coaching?

If you need more than coaching, Tri-Alt Coaching offers tailored workshops to meet your company's specific needs. These include strategy workshops, DISC profiling workshops, team building days, and a comprehensive three-month leadership program designed for your entire team. These programs are crafted to enhance leadership skills, improve team dynamics, and align your organisation towards achieving its strategic goals effectively.

How long should I expect to work with a coach?

Honestly, you can expect to work with a coach for as long as it takes to achieve your goals and continue growing. Many of our clients have been with us for up to five years, but on average, our coaching relationships last about two years.

My wish for you is that you learn, grow, develop, and then soar toward your aspirations.

What is Disc personality profiling?

It's a game changer for your organsiation!!!

DISC Personality Profiling is a behavioural assessment tool used to understand individuals' behavioural styles and preferences. It categorises behaviors into four main personality types: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). These categories help individuals and teams gain insights into their communication styles, motivations, strengths, and potential areas for development. By identifying these traits, DISC profiling promotes better understanding, communication, and collaboration among team members, ultimately enhancing organisational effectiveness and performance.

Speaker kit

Ali Flynn: High Performance Mindset and Resilience Coach

Ali Flynn is a globally acclaimed peak performance coach, mental health advocate, and inspirational speaker dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome challenges, maximise their potential, and thrive in both personal and professional pursuits. With a unique blend of expertise in psychology, performance coaching, and mental health awareness, Ali brings a fresh perspective to her role as a dynamic speaker and facilitator.Ali's background in psychology, clinical therapy, and business strategy underpins her global impact through hundreds of workshops and coaching sessions. As the co-founder of Tri Altitude Performance, she specialises in coaching leaders to peak performance, using psychological principles and mental skills training. Ali supports individuals in understanding and leveraging their emotions, motivations, reactions, behaviors, and beliefs to overcome challenges and enhance their mindset and performance.Through her acclaimed podcast, "Challenges That Change Us," and as a sought-after speaker, Ali inspires audiences to prioritize mental wellbeing, tap into their energy, and build resilience. Her approach is empathetic, authentic, and deeply knowledgeable, making her a transformative force in performance and well-being.

Key Topics:

Achieving Peak Performance: Strategies for Physical and Mental Resilience

Building Boldness: Cultivating Resilience and Confidence in Uncertain Times

Well-Being Unleashed: Strategies for Optimal Mental Health

The Power of Mindset: Amplifying Your Attitude

Ali's dynamic speaking style, enriched with personal anecdotes and practical insights, resonates deeply with diverse audiences, including athletes, professionals, students, and community groups. Her sessions leave participants feeling motivated, informed, and armed with actionable strategies to enhance their performance and overall quality of life.

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